Shahid turning a book writer?

Shahid turning a book writer?

August 31st, 2009  |  YahaWaha Published in Bollywood News & Gossips  |  511 Comments

Shahid turning a book writer?

The eternal problem that Shahid Kapoor has faced since the last 3 years is the constant link-ups that the media keeps reporting. From Vidya to Amrita to Sania to Priyanka and now Anushka, not a single heroine of his has been spared. This is also the most asked question that Shahid has to face in every single interview.

Recently, at a small gathering of the media Shahid joked that since he had been supposedly serial-dating for the last 3 years he was now an expert at all things romantic and hence was soon going to write a book and reveal all. Everyone laughed it off and the matter was treated as a joke, like it was meant to be. Till Shahid’s publicist got a call from a publishing house! Someone had mentioned this in the publishing circles and this particular head honcho wanted to be the first one to ink the book deal. This was obviously shocking to Shahid’s publicist, who had never heard of this before.

A little digging lead to the discovery that it was this joke that had traveled via Chinese whispers and reached the publishers! “Right now Shahid doesn’t have time to eat or sleep, leave alone have affairs. Let him finish his films; have a few affairs; learn all there is to learn of relationships; then we will get him to pen his memoirs” joked a friend of Shahid, hoping that this quote would be taken only as a joke and not seriously.

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