Vidya is the Dancing Queen!

Vidya is the Dancing Queen!

March 29th, 2010  |  YahaWaha Published in Bollywood News & Gossips  |  39 Comments

Vidya is the dancing queen!

Vidya Malavade is truly the dancing queen. It is a lesser known fact that the striker girl is a trained Kathak dancer, having trained for 9 years under Keka Sinha. Apart from that she’s also trained in tap-dancing, salsa, ballet, jive, cha-cha, waltz, rumba, samba, foxtrot and various other forms of Italian dancing.

“Dancing is my first love and that’s not just something I enjoy. But it also works like a stress buster for me. However ironically or unfortunately I have never got a chance to dance in any of my movies so far. In fact, I’d love to do a nice item number if an opportunity comes my way.” Says the talented actress.

Incidentally, Vidya, who has got her Italian dance training from Sandip Soparkar hasn’t yet been offered a role that requires her to show off her dancing skills. She is now keeping her fingers crossed and hoping for a musical to come her way!

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