Why Don 2 is destined to rock bigger than Ra.One!!

Why Don 2 is destined to rock bigger than Ra.One!!

December 20th, 2011  |  YahaWaha Published in Bollywood News & Gossips

Why Don 2 is destined to rock bigger than Ra.One!! An astrological point of view -

Noted dentist cum astrologer Rajeev Chitguppi predicts stars are on Shah Rukh Khan’s side where Don 2 is concerned. Following is his detailed explanation about why Ra.One didn’t make as good an impact for the King Khan but why Don 2 will rock for him big time!

Ra. One was released on 26th October 2011. Things that were against SRK at the time of release:

1. SRK has a Simha (Leo) lagna, for which Mars becomes Rajyogakaraka. And in SRK’s chart it makes a powerful Ruchaka yoga. But during the time of release, Mars was debilitated in Cancer (Karka). It remained debilitated till 31st October 2011. SRK released Ra.One when this planet was debilitated for almost the entire first week, which is considered as a crucial period for the success of any movie. Mars moved into a good Leo only on the 30th October (Sunday) night, but by then the weekend he was depending upon, was over.

2. His Simha (Leo) lagna ascendant Ravi (Sun) was also debilitated in Tula (Libra), at the time of movie release. It remained debilitated till Nov 16th i.e. for 3 more weeks after the release of Ra.One. One more minus for SRK.

3. Coming to his Vimshottari dasha, SRK is currently running Shani (Saturn) Mahadasha (from March 2008 till March 2027) and Shani makes a powerful yoga in 7th house (Kumbh) in his natal chart. But at the time of release, Shani was not well placed either. Although Shani was in a friendly Kanya (Virgo), it was eighth from his natal position. This was just a few days away from its major transition – from Kanya (Virgo) to Tula (Libra) that occurred on Nov 15th, that would have made a big difference. A big minus for SRK.

4. Coming to his antardasha within the Shani mahadasha of 19 years, currently he is running Budh (Mercury) antardasha from March 2011 till November 2013. The lord of his 10th (profession) house Vrishabh (Taurus) is Shukra (Venus), which signifies arts and acting. Just 2-3 days after the release of Ra.One both Budh (Antardasha lord) & Shukra (Arts & Acting) entered their enemy house Scorpio (Vrishchik) only to get stuck further in the nodal (Rahu- Ketu) axis.

These four points explain why Ra.One encountered all the hurdles in business, mixed reviews and overall disappointment.

Don 2: Releasing on 23rd Dec 2011.
Let’s analyse the same points.

1. Mars (Mangal), his Rajayogakaraka is not debilitated anymore; in fact he is in Leo, a good house for him. He is further strengthened by Guru (Jupiter) aspecting him (5th aspect) from Mesha (Aries). This position will continue for a few more months into 2012. So it’s safe and productive for SRK. One plus for SRK.

2. Sun, his Simha (Leo) lagna lord will be in Dhanu (Saggitarius); it means not only out of the clutches of Nodal (Rahu – Ketu) axis, but also secure in a friendly house. Further he will be aspected (9th aspect) by Jupiter from Mesha (Aries). This makes it a very safe & profitable game for SRK. Another plus for him.

3. His mahadasha lord Shani (Saturn) has entered Tula (Libra) on 15th Nov, 2011. It is not only exalted in that position, but also at 9th (fortune) from its natal position in Kumbh (Aquarius). Another big plus for SRK.

4. Venus will be in Makar (Capricorn), a friendly house. It is much better than how it was in Vrishchik (Scorpio) during Ra.One release.So his performance will be rated much better than what was rated as an average performance in Ra.One.

5. Budha (Mercury), his antardasha lord, continues to remain in Vrishchik (Scorpio) till Jan 3rd, 2012. This gives scope again to mixed reviews, but that will be toned down because of Jupiter aspect protecting his Sun & Mars.


SRK has struggled for the last 5 years with Shani (Saturn) being 8th from his own moon (Makar/ Capricorn) in the first 2.5 yrs and then 8th from the his own natal position as the dasha lord (Shani/  Saturn in Kumbh/ Aquarius) in the second 2.5 yrs. Now by moving into Tula (Libra), Saturn is not only exalted but also very well placed in 10th from his natal moon. This position is good for rise in SRK’s status, power and popularity. In fact, December 2011 to Dec 2016 will be the golden period of 5 years for SRK where he can regain his top slot. Hence, as the first venture of this phase of 5 years, Don 2 will make much better business than Ra.One. It will be a safe, productive and profitable venture for SRK.

Rajeev Chitguppi can be contacted on chitguppi@gmail.com

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