Pia Trivedi to turn author?!!!

Pia Trivedi to turn author?!!!

September 5th, 2011  |  YahaWaha Published in Bollywood News & Gossips  |  53 Comments

Pia Trivedi  to turn author??!!

They say it is the smallest things in life that give you the biggest pleasures! The gorgeous Supermodel and now debutante with Hum Tum Shabana, Pia Trivedi had never envisaged herself as someone who would even be standing in a kitchen…let alone attempt to cook for herself! But fate certainly had other things on the “stove” for her!

Pia owns a small apartment in Goa. On one of her stays there, she soon found out, that she would have no choice but to cook for herself if she had to “survive”! She began pottering around in the compact kitchen and came up with something edible: much to her relief! And voila! She’s been hooked to cooking ever since…Pia has begun experimenting with recipes and has even come up with her very own unique recipes! She finds cooking a huge stress buster, most therapeutic and a constructive distraction at that.

So much so that the actress now plans to publish a book of healthy recipes very soon!

Here’s one “lip smacking” gastronomic tale that evenPia couldn’t have written a few years ago, even if she had wanted to!

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